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Professional cycling in China

Chinese cycling is on the rise. Competitions such as the Tour of China, Tour or Qinghai Lake, Tour or Taihu Lake and Tour or Fuzhou provide a full calendar. Some of the Chinese riders mentioned below stand out among their colleagues.

Mingrun Chen

CHEN, Mingrun

Name: Mingrun Chen - 陈明润 Date of birth: 17th August 1996 Nationality: China

Cheng Ji

JI, Cheng

Name: Cheng Ji Date of birth: 15th July 1987 Nationality: China Place of birth: Harbin

Zhi Hui Jiang

JIANG, Zhi Hui

Name: Zhi Hui Jiang Date of birth: 3rd March 1994 Nationality: China

Fuyu Li

LI, Fuyu

Name: Fuyu Li Date of birth: 9th May 1978 Nationality: China Place of birth: Jinan

Jianpeng Liu

LIU, Jianpeng

Name: Jianpeng Liu - 柳建鹏 Date of birth: 12th March 1993 Nationality: China

Xianjing Lyu

LYU, Xianjing

Name: Xianjing Lyu Date of birth: 2nd February 1998 Nationality: China

Guangtong Ma

MA, Guangtong

Name: Guangtong Ma - 马光通 Date of birth: 5th May 1995 (23) Nationality: China

Bo Wang


Name: Bo Wang - 王波 Date of birth: 12th September 1993 (25) Nationality: China

Meiyin Wang

WANG, Meiyin

Name: Meiyin Wang Date of birth: 26th December 1988 Nationality: China

Gang Xu

XU, Gang

Name: Gang Xu Date of birth: 28th January 1984 Nationality: China

Zhang Zheng

ZHENG, Zhang

Name: Zhang Zheng - 张政 Date of birth: 1st February 1995 Nationality: China

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